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Kajol Waghela

” Namaste Yoga classes are have really helped me during this COVID-19 times. They have amazing online yoga sessions on zoom which really help me to stay fit and positive while staying at home during this lockdown times. Thank you namaste yoga team for having these online yoga sessions on zoom app. “

Sakshi Parswami

” I have been learning yoga from Amisha at Namaste Yoga since the past 4 years now. Initially I thought yoga will be boring and it is meant for only older people who can't do vigorous exercises but i was certainly proven wrong. I joined Yoga only to accompany my mom and ended up loving it myself.
Namaste Yoga is a wholesome package with a blend of stretches, yoga asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga with variations such as dumbbells, ball exercises, resistant band, wall exercises and more.
Amisha gives personal attention to all her yoginis and guides us in case we have any health ailment.
Post marriage when i moved to Africa, I was bumped about not having to attend her yoga classes but thankfully her online yoga classes have been a blessing in disguise.
Continuing Yoga during this lockdown phase has not only made me more active but calm as well. The meditations and breathing exercises that Amisha does at the end of every programme gives me a very optimistic approach to life and paying gratitude to everything.
I'm thankful to Amisha for always thriving her best and would highly recommend all age groups. “


” I feel my life's changed. I have become more calm and happy within. Added positivity in life has helped me to succeed in my career. Namaste Yoga 🙂 “

Racheal Barretto

” It's going to be a year since I've joined Namaste Yoga Classes. I'm a workout freak & I love challenging myself. I've tried the Gym, Zumba but never really got hooked to any of them for this long. However, the experience of yoga was different. I felt my body changing in terms of gaining strength, flexibility & mental peace. I must say all this credit goes to Namaste Yoga classes and the beautiful full of life teacher, Amisha. Oh my God guys, she's incredible! She's encouraging, positive, energetic, motivating & all the positive adjectives in the universe. From a beginner, I am now challenging myself to advanced yoga poses! Once again a big thank you to Amisha. Namaste Yoga Classes are like family to me, I feel positive, I feel home! “


” I feel my life's changed. I have become more calm and happy within. Added positivity in life has helped me to succeed in my career. Namaste Yoga 🙂 “

Adity Sharma

” An excellent yoga guru − Amisha who is so well versed and listens to your needs and understands your body. The Namaste Yoga team makes you feel warm & comfortable. Within six months of joining, my body has transformed − it's well toned, and flexible. The Studio reverberates with positive energy. Also the meditation session in the beginning and end of every class is invigorating. Namaste Yoga has become a family now 🙂

During this Covid 19 pandemic, Namaste Yoga Classes has literally brought the studio virtually into our homes through weekly zoom sessions. It has helped us yogini's stay fit, relaxed & positive during these unprecedented times. Thank You Amisha and team! “

Aisha LalaniSTUDENT

” I love enjoying my fitness sessions with Mrs.Amisha. The friendly atmosphere here keeps me calling & I always look forward to my next class “


Amisha A. Shah

Founder, Health Enthusiast, Yoga

Amisha has completed her Teacher Training Course from The Yoga Institute in 2013. Even though she completed the course in 2013, she has always been a strong advocate of Yoga and has been practising and learning new techniques and forms of Yoga and other physical workouts since the past decade. After opening her own studio under the name of “Namaste Yoga Classes” in 2013, she has managed to train thousands of Yoginis under her supervision and they have all been very delighted with the results achieved. She has inspired thousands more to get into Yoga through various social media platforms.


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