Yoga Therapy For Headache

The breathing cycle is of utmost importance in regulating various cycles and systems in our body. The right technique can help you get rid of anything unwanted within us. One may wonder, what is the correct way to breathe? Ladies and gentleman, here is yoga to guide you onto the right path.
Headaches are one of the most common adversaries, as I conclude from my regular interactions with the ladies in Khar and Bandra. Given the fact that yoga has one of the simplest solution to a problem so widespread, this was something worth sharing.
As we all know, the nose has a left nostril and a right nostril. We use both to inhale and exhale. It may seem that both perform the same way, but actually both the sides breathe in a different manner – you will be able to feel the difference. This is because both sides have different functionalities.

During a headache, try to close your right nose and use your left nose to breathe. Continue this for a couple of minutes as per your convenience. On the other hand, if you feel fatigued, just reverse the process, close your left nose and breathe through your right nose. In both the cases, your mind will feel relaxed at the end. This has been tried by the ladies coming to our classes and they were very surprised to know how effective a simple excercise like this could be. Go on, try it out and see for yourself!

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