Yoga – Fitness Under a Roof

Mumbai has been at the receiving end of some unexpected rains which took the form of crackling lightning at some point too. In the Khar – Bandra area, we already were facing the problem of waterlogging. Given how sudden the rains have been, many were stranded outdoors to drench. Who would expect rains later in the day when it is the sun is shining bright when you depart from home? Well, Mumbai is here to suprise you.

Take this opportunity to stay indoors and get consistency in your fitness routine. Here at Namaste Yoga Classes, we offer yoga, power yoga, stretches, dumbbell exercise, resistance tube drills, and much more. Having your daily physical activity feels refreshing, especially when you have cover from such an unreliable weather. Keep following our blogs and activity on social media to stay updated and find new ways to stay in shape and keep your mind in peace simultaenously.

If you feel lazy to even travel all the way to any studio, our various media will ensure you can keep yourself healthy with Yoga indoors. Love yourself, always and anywhere!

Namaste Yoga Classes, located in Bandra, Mumbai, is a unique “Ladies Only” yoga and fitness center rendering services  for the ladies of Bandra, Khar, Santacruz and beyond. Over here, our motto has always been : “For a lady, By a lady!”


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