Victory over oneself

Success is the building block of a human personality. To achieve it, we might have to push ourselves. Sometimes, at the end of the task, we happen to realize that we may have exceeded to what we assume to be our “capacity”. This epiphany is nothing more than a peak into what lies beyond the shackles of our ideologies and beliefs.

Self-awareness is a brick wall which restricts our bounds and the fact that we cannot go beyond this. Once the wall is broken down, you realize that there is a wide landscape to explore. Believe in yourself , never underestimate yourself, never overestimate the obstacles in your path, and speed yourself to the finish line. Sky is the limit for you then!

The world has seen many victories, heard of various success stories, spoke of eclectic achievements but the most heroic and untold triumph is the one that lies within all of us. The reluctance of the brain to not move forward and the desire of the heart to strive for improvement undergo incessant clashes. But when the heart wins over, nothing can bring down that soul. In life, the most important victory is victory over yourself.

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