The Festive Season

As we approach towards the end of this month, we also approach the phase which is most celebrated by every Indian. This period is the one we all take much pride in, the one which shows the belief in our mythology and the joy they have been giving to us since centuries. This is the festive season , marked with the start of Navratri which goes on till the start of the Hindu New Year.

Even in our classes, we believe in uplifiting our ladies to match with the festivities. A few of our yoginis from Khar area helped us make this floral art, shown above. It does not look real at first glance; even we could not believe our eyes when we saw this piece of mastery. But it is very much real! These ladies did find a unique way to get our yoga classes in the festive mood.

As there may be many more creative ways to set the liveliness, there is nothing better to make yourself fresh and ready for this season than Yoga. You have a busy schedule ahead? Relax with pranayamas and stretches and make yourself ready for exhaustion to any extent. Want to stay fit and increase your stamina for garba?  Practice Surya Namaskar and Power Yoga and get going. Feeling low from within when the spirits around you are high? Just a few Yoga poses will help you attain inner peace. You name the problem, and Yoga stands before you with a solution.

So where do you find this panacea? Well, it is all within yourself. You need to have the will to make yourself better in the situaton, and Yoga will help you with that. If you need help with Yoga, we are always happy to help. Ladies from various areas have located our studio in Bandra in the search of the same. We have managed to retain them for the same by winning over their satisfaction.

The festive season is the one which comes after a long wait. There is always soomething to worry about, something to take care of, someone to talk to; but the festive season is not here forever. So let us take the time and enjoy and forget about all our worries. This is one of the goals we are implementing in our classes. Apart from the physical aspect, we are trying to make this place for the ladies of Khar and Bandra to get under one roof and spread and share this joy among themselves and with us. To all those who have the same belief as us, this is your time – let nothing or no one take this away from you!


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