Ending It Right

“The best time to practice yoga is early morning after waking up on an empty stomach or in the evening before sunset. Proper breathing techniques, inhalation and exhalation, and proper posture are the right ways to perform an asana. Savasana and Sukhasana are among the ultimate asanas to rejuvenate our body and relieve stress. These asanas are done at the end of every yoga session. To perform savasana, you should lie flat on your back in a sleeping pose, relax your arms completely, keep your palms open and eyes closed, and breathe normally through your nostrils. Relax and focus from head to toe. Stay in the pose for five to 10 minutes. For Sukhasana, sit cross-legged with your heels under opposite thighs and ankles crossed. Keep your body straight, your spine erect and your abdomen drawn in. Place your hands on your knees, with palms facing downwards. Close your eyes and completely relax the body of all tension. Breathe normally, shutting out all other thoughts from the mind. Hold the pose for five to 10 minutes.”

– Amisha Shah, instructor at Namaste yoga classes

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