Chakrasana – Ball Exercise with Yoga

With the trend of fitness and wellness taking over India, many feel like they need to go join an institute, or studio, or a gym, or yoga classes. After many conversations with the ladies visiting our class, its does not come to me as much of a surprise. As much as these places do push you to reach your health goals, it is also important that your fitness is not defined by your trainers but yourself. For this, you must take up the job of staying in shape upon yourself and get yourself some equipment which will help you anywhere anytime! Here we are, to help you be in your person when it comes to exercise.

Among the various variants of gym equipments available, the gym ball is one of the most popular amongst all of them. At our studio located in Bandra, we came up with a unique technique to combine Yoga and Ball Exercise to develop new ways of Yoga and Power Yoga. With experiences and reviews from our ladies, they have not only gained in the physical domain but they also enjoy doing them. The image below is a demonstration of one such drill that has been carried out by our ladies :

This is a fusion exercise of Chakrasana with the support of a ball. Do you wish to challenge yourself with this pose? Just follow these simple steps and you will be there in no time. Please make note that when you are trying out this pose initially, you must do it under professional guidance as a precaution.

  1. As a safety measure, ensure that the ball is properly inflated and that it can take your weight when you sit on it.
  2. Sit on the ball such that your legs are perpendicular to the ground and your back is upright. Balance yourself at this stage.
  3. Inhale, move your feet forward slowly and lower your back towards the ball till your back is supported by the ball. Keep lowering yourself till your neck touches the ball too.
  4. Simultaenously, stretch your hands and keep them stretched till they reach the ground. Reorient your balance and hold yourself for 6 seconds.
  5. Then, slowly lift yourself while exhaling until you reach the initial sitting position.
  6. For beginners, practice this drill once. But as you get into it, you can go upto 3 times in one session.

As it is clearly evident, this pose is best known to increase the flexibility and strength of the back, which further saves us from any back problem. Today back problem is one of the most suffered problem mainly due to long hours of sitting and lesser physical activities. Also, this helps increase focus and improve your core stability.

Here at Namaste Yoga Classes, we believe to give our ladies new ways to stay healthy in such a way that they do not find the class monotonous and at the same time they get all the advantages that a regular workout could offer. We welcome all the ladies to of Khar-Bandra area to give this class a try. Do not miss this chance!


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