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Yoga Dance – Navratri Theme

Amidst all the festivities, we still believe that fitness is one of the aspects that must not fade into oblivion. Given the sessions of garba do keep you worked, a proper drill which focuses on the overall body health is also important. So we bring to you a combination of both. Watch our video below :

We present to you another Yoga Dance, with the Navratri theme. The ladies in our class at Bandra were asking us to come up with a concept like this for this festival. And we managed to deliver on the need of the hour. The stretches, the poses and the asanas performed are not only in sync with the music but the whole dance ensures that you also get your health quota for the day.

Such is the magic of giving the tedious task an addictive tinge that you never feel the task to be tedious in the first place. We believe in adding the fun element to Yoga whenever possible so that the notion of Yoga being the passive way of staying in shape gets shifted.

The ladies of Khar and Bandra area are yieldinng the benefits of these new crossovers and enjoying it at the same time. We welcome all the ladies to join us – if not physically, then via our online media. Follow us and stay fit at home. Stay tuned for more content!

Yoga Dance – “O Re Piya”

Yoga, as we all know it, is the connection of the soul with the body. Given that Yoga has been one of the most effective way of getting about such a mammoth task, it is obvious that the process is going to take time. Its founders, its preachers and its followers have yielded the reults for centuries by prolonged faith. But for the past two decades, the majority of the human race has been falling short of one of the most essential elements of life – time. Thus, demand for faster and more effecient methods is the need of the hour, and here we are to help everyone with that!

The ladies visiting our yoga classes are fitness freaks. But they also want the fun element to their session every once in a while. Various variants like Power Yoga provide for the high burning of calories, but what about entertainment? You are sure to always go an extra mile if you love doing what you do. In accordance with this psychology, at our studio in Khar, we have come up with a new concept. Watch the following video to get an idea of what we are trying to convey :

This is, as we call it, Yoga Dance. It is the perfect synergy of these two disparates – the grace of dance combined with the freshness of Yoga. This is not another ordinary dance routine. Here, every step, every move is accompanied with the proper breathing technqiues required to wear you out less and make you feel alive at the end. With help from a couple of ladies from our class, we branched of into a new section of Yoga. The responses that we have received are overwhelming and we plan to introduce this technique in a short time at our classes.

There may be some orthodox views under the context that this is a deviation from Yoga. But at Namaste Yoga Classes, we believe that Yoga is a knowledge which must be disseminated among all. In today’s busy world where every person has a hectic schedule and stressful livelihood, one could surely enjoy a fun element added at some part of the day. In this process, if others are willing to learn something as spiritual as Yoga, we are happy to do so. The yoginis in our class are delighted when they are presented such crossovers which in turn serves our purpose. We wish to spread our impact to all the ladies in Khar, Bandra and beyond.