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Stretching Out

We live in a busy world, where we have goals to reach, deadlines to match, responsibilities to carry, and duties to fulfil. Sometimes, we get so wrapped in our schedules that we often forget to look after ourselves. Every man for himself, right? Thus, it becomes important for you to know how to take care of yourself.

We live in a generation shrouded in booming technology. Thanks to that, people of all ages prefer indoor activities owing to the comfort level it offers. But the adverse effects that this practice inflicts, in the long run, is something not many can anticipate. Keeping yourself physically active is a key to a good overall health.

Often, the inactivities around us jam our body parts. You must have experienced the same when you try to stand up after a long duration of working on your computer or after you have finished watching a movie. You may ignore this as just a cramp caused due to uncomfortable positioning or some other logic, but it is not something you should just shake off.

We are very well aware of the consequences such a lifestyle and we wanted to help out. After taking into consideration the opinion of various ladies from our yoga studio at Bandra, we came up with a few drills that help solve these issues.

Also, we prepared a short video to help you out. Check out the video:

Having a frozen shoulder? This stretch will help you out with that. Our video will show you one such stretch which you can practice every day and yield all the benefits, all you need is a couple of minutes to follow along!

Stretching has various benefits to it:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Control diabetes
  • Relieve joint pains
  • Strengthen your spine
  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Avoid migraines
  • Enhance stamina
  • Minimize constipation
  • Reduces cholesterol in body
  • Progressive flexibility and elasticity
  • Strengthen body muscles
  • Weight loss
  • Decrease fatigue

Stretches are essential before starting a hardcore workout and also after ending one. It can also be modified to fit into a hardcore workout. We have been doing the same at our classes in Bandra and we have received an overwhelming response from all the ladies. In a few classes, we also integrate it into our Power Yoga session to give a steady flow to the whole session.

It is beneficial to learn a few fitness tweaks for yourself which do not take up much of your time in your hectic life. This blog is one of those few tweaks that you can take up and inculcate in your daily life. For more such videos you can visit our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more blogs.

Stay fit, stay positive!

The Marathon Season

Five, four, three, two, one: it’s on. Marathon is a race against the clock, the runner and the other companions who have participated in it. It is a race between your mind and an excuse. Strong, driven and opinionated are the words that describe a marathon runner. People usually have a false notion about marathon. They think that the entire distance has to be covered by running till the end as if it’s a race. However, marathon isn’t about running fast. It’s about maintaining a pace which varies from person to person. While we fumble against our physical limits, focussed runners appear to soar beyond them.

As a yoga instructor, many ladies who visit our studio at Khar have asked us – is running a marathon a risky task? That is a very biased and false opinion. Just like Yoga, marathon is also a way to work out and stay in shape. It is not the marathon that give the results, but it is the practice sessions before the run that leads to the overall development. Benefits of a marathon include burning calories, increased cardiovascular capacity, mental health benefits, increasing core strength and strengthening of limbs.  It also gives us an important lesson of life – like a marathon, life can be difficult, challenging and present obstacles. However if you believe in your dreams and never give up, things will turn out for the best.

Keeping all this in mind, we came up with the idea of promoting the benefits of marathon by offering the yoginis from our classes in Khar with an opportunity to participate in one of the upcoming marathons in Mumbai. Along with the daily practice sessions before the marathon, the constant motivation and the ‘fun element’ we managed to add kept increasing the interest among more ladies and eventually we ended up with a total of 28 yoginis participating in the event.

Thus, our yoginis have achieved a new milestone as we complete our first marathon at Enthusia VJTI. Starting from the practice sessions, the planning, the warm up, the paced run, all the way up to when each one of us saw the finish-line. All of it has paid off as we complete the 5km stretch, giving the best we could. Although there was sweat running down the face, but at the end, happy and contended faces was all that was seen.

Running a marathon for the first time isn’t just another day in your daily schedule, it is a major event in your life. You learn that you can push yourself way beyond, you understand what you are really capable of. Finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It is a state of mind that says ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Solo Workout or Group Workout?

Today, we experience a sedentary lifestyle as compared to that of our preceding generations – when the daily routine itself involved physical activity. Due to this, people are facing many health issues at early ages of their lives. Fitness is one of the most important aspects which will help our physical health in the long run. While many are in it just for the intensity and benefits, some use this time as an opportunity to socialize and get the daily dosage of calorie burning at the same time. As a result, the question arises – a group workout or a solo workout?

It seems that majority in today’s times are getting involved in group exercise. Whether it is a park or a gym, we find people going around in a group. In fact, our studio at Khar has seen the ladies preferring group batches. So why exactly are so many people jumping from the ‘lone wolf’ ship to work out with others in a group setting? Here are a few reasons that one can think from the top of their heads:

  • Motivation: Unless you are a person who can jump off the bed at 5 AM and pick yourself up to exercise despite all the odds, riding solo isn’t an option. Consider the case where you are going to do the same with your friends. Not only would you desire to go out, but when you come back home, you will be jovial.
  • Accountability: Have troubles waking up in the morning? Well, no worries because there is always your exercise partner who will make sure you accompany her. Now you are not just accountable for yourself, but even your groupies take the responsibility that you stay in shape.
  • Geniality: Humans are social animals. We do have our exceptions, but as a general race we do like to interact with each other. A set of people together eventually lead to friendships and bonds, the characteristics that set us apart from the other species on our planet. Not only do you feel the energy boost, but it helps you get through the hodgepodges of the day.

Apart from the above, studies also confirm that group exercise unleashes a flood of chemicals in the brain, triggering the same responses that have made collective activities from dancing and laughter to religion itself such enduring aspects of human culture.

Researchers from Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology prepared a report based on a study of the university’s famed rowing team. They analysed the after-workout effects on people exercising solo and in groups. Endorphin level of the people in groups was found to be high as compared to the ones performing solo. Endorphins interact with the receptors in our brain that reduce our perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

Thus, it is said “If you follow your passion along with people having similar passion, better results are obtained”. Stay fit, live longer and healthier!

Floral Art on Yoga Mats

Diwali – the most popular festival in India – is here. It is the festival which marks the homecoming of Lord Rama, who had been in exile for 14 years, to the kingdom of Ayodhya. The dwellers of the kingdom celebrated this festival with utmost glee, lighting up the whole area for His grand welcome. Given the significance this event holds in Hindu mythology, we Indians celebrate this festival on a grand scale.

With Diwali comes all the joy, lights and decorations that are homemade by the people. As there are no rules that have been passed on by our ancestors, each of us come up with unique ways to decorate their homes. Some put up light strips in various shapes like a ‘diya’ or a candle. Some prefer to light up firewroks into the sky to give everyone around them the pleasure to watch a bright colourful sky. Some make ‘Rangolis’ – creating art out of items of daily use like colored rice or coloured powder. The number of possibilities are infinite.

This year, on the occasion of this profound festival, we decided to do something apart from Yoga. A few ladies from our class in Khar came up with the idea and the implementation of Floral Art. To give a surface on which the flower petals would not move, we used Yoga mats. What better way to use them other than Yoga? Turns out, it worked out perfectly. Watch the video below to see a timelapse of the making of the floral art on Yoga mats.

The looks of the ‘Rangoli’ are awesome from my perspective. A big shout out to our yoginis who helped us out with this. Without the ladies, this project would not be possible. Let us know what you think of this idea. Stay tuned for more stuff related to Yoga and the various things relating to it!

Enjoy the festival and have a safe and prosperous Diwali!

The Festive Season

As we approach towards the end of this month, we also approach the phase which is most celebrated by every Indian. This period is the one we all take much pride in, the one which shows the belief in our mythology and the joy they have been giving to us since centuries. This is the festive season , marked with the start of Navratri which goes on till the start of the Hindu New Year.

Even in our classes, we believe in uplifiting our ladies to match with the festivities. A few of our yoginis from Khar area helped us make this floral art, shown above. It does not look real at first glance; even we could not believe our eyes when we saw this piece of mastery. But it is very much real! These ladies did find a unique way to get our yoga classes in the festive mood.

As there may be many more creative ways to set the liveliness, there is nothing better to make yourself fresh and ready for this season than Yoga. You have a busy schedule ahead? Relax with pranayamas and stretches and make yourself ready for exhaustion to any extent. Want to stay fit and increase your stamina for garba?  Practice Surya Namaskar and Power Yoga and get going. Feeling low from within when the spirits around you are high? Just a few Yoga poses will help you attain inner peace. You name the problem, and Yoga stands before you with a solution.

So where do you find this panacea? Well, it is all within yourself. You need to have the will to make yourself better in the situaton, and Yoga will help you with that. If you need help with Yoga, we are always happy to help. Ladies from various areas have located our studio in Bandra in the search of the same. We have managed to retain them for the same by winning over their satisfaction.

The festive season is the one which comes after a long wait. There is always soomething to worry about, something to take care of, someone to talk to; but the festive season is not here forever. So let us take the time and enjoy and forget about all our worries. This is one of the goals we are implementing in our classes. Apart from the physical aspect, we are trying to make this place for the ladies of Khar and Bandra to get under one roof and spread and share this joy among themselves and with us. To all those who have the same belief as us, this is your time – let nothing or no one take this away from you!


Victory over oneself

Success is the building block of a human personality. To achieve it, we might have to push ourselves. Sometimes, at the end of the task, we happen to realize that we may have exceeded to what we assume to be our “capacity”. This epiphany is nothing more than a peak into what lies beyond the shackles of our ideologies and beliefs.

Self-awareness is a brick wall which restricts our bounds and the fact that we cannot go beyond this. Once the wall is broken down, you realize that there is a wide landscape to explore. Believe in yourself , never underestimate yourself, never overestimate the obstacles in your path, and speed yourself to the finish line. Sky is the limit for you then!

The world has seen many victories, heard of various success stories, spoke of eclectic achievements but the most heroic and untold triumph is the one that lies within all of us. The reluctance of the brain to not move forward and the desire of the heart to strive for improvement undergo incessant clashes. But when the heart wins over, nothing can bring down that soul. In life, the most important victory is victory over yourself.