Browse Month: December 2017

The Marathon Season

Five, four, three, two, one: it’s on. Marathon is a race against the clock, the runner and the other companions who have participated in it. It is a race between your mind and an excuse. Strong, driven and opinionated are the words that describe a marathon runner. People usually have a false notion about marathon. They think that the entire distance has to be covered by running till the end as if it’s a race. However, marathon isn’t about running fast. It’s about maintaining a pace which varies from person to person. While we fumble against our physical limits, focussed runners appear to soar beyond them.

As a yoga instructor, many ladies who visit our studio at Khar have asked us – is running a marathon a risky task? That is a very biased and false opinion. Just like Yoga, marathon is also a way to work out and stay in shape. It is not the marathon that give the results, but it is the practice sessions before the run that leads to the overall development. Benefits of a marathon include burning calories, increased cardiovascular capacity, mental health benefits, increasing core strength and strengthening of limbs.  It also gives us an important lesson of life – like a marathon, life can be difficult, challenging and present obstacles. However if you believe in your dreams and never give up, things will turn out for the best.

Keeping all this in mind, we came up with the idea of promoting the benefits of marathon by offering the yoginis from our classes in Khar with an opportunity to participate in one of the upcoming marathons in Mumbai. Along with the daily practice sessions before the marathon, the constant motivation and the ‘fun element’ we managed to add kept increasing the interest among more ladies and eventually we ended up with a total of 28 yoginis participating in the event.

Thus, our yoginis have achieved a new milestone as we complete our first marathon at Enthusia VJTI. Starting from the practice sessions, the planning, the warm up, the paced run, all the way up to when each one of us saw the finish-line. All of it has paid off as we complete the 5km stretch, giving the best we could. Although there was sweat running down the face, but at the end, happy and contended faces was all that was seen.

Running a marathon for the first time isn’t just another day in your daily schedule, it is a major event in your life. You learn that you can push yourself way beyond, you understand what you are really capable of. Finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It is a state of mind that says ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.