Browse Month: October 2017

Floral Art on Yoga Mats

Diwali – the most popular festival in India – is here. It is the festival which marks the homecoming of Lord Rama, who had been in exile for 14 years, to the kingdom of Ayodhya. The dwellers of the kingdom celebrated this festival with utmost glee, lighting up the whole area for His grand welcome. Given the significance this event holds in Hindu mythology, we Indians celebrate this festival on a grand scale.

With Diwali comes all the joy, lights and decorations that are homemade by the people. As there are no rules that have been passed on by our ancestors, each of us come up with unique ways to decorate their homes. Some put up light strips in various shapes like a ‘diya’ or a candle. Some prefer to light up firewroks into the sky to give everyone around them the pleasure to watch a bright colourful sky. Some make ‘Rangolis’ – creating art out of items of daily use like colored rice or coloured powder. The number of possibilities are infinite.

This year, on the occasion of this profound festival, we decided to do something apart from Yoga. A few ladies from our class in Khar came up with the idea and the implementation of Floral Art. To give a surface on which the flower petals would not move, we used Yoga mats. What better way to use them other than Yoga? Turns out, it worked out perfectly. Watch the video below to see a timelapse of the making of the floral art on Yoga mats.

The looks of the ‘Rangoli’ are awesome from my perspective. A big shout out to our yoginis who helped us out with this. Without the ladies, this project would not be possible. Let us know what you think of this idea. Stay tuned for more stuff related to Yoga and the various things relating to it!

Enjoy the festival and have a safe and prosperous Diwali!